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Distributed micro-publishing built on Secure Scuttlebuttt


Micropub is an alternative to Twitter, but instead of being centralized and insecure, it's secure and distributed. If Twitter should have been a protocol, Secure Scuttlebutt is the protocol it could have been. Micropub is a client for Secure Scuttlebutt that allows you to view condensed messages, that can be expanded on hover or focus -- this allows you to view the sbot network at a glance.

Micropub is built with a combination of Patchbay modules using depject.

To install either use one of these 100 lite client invites.

Or git clone and compile on your computer.

git clone ssb://%aXDIwGWHA08+cYUAK5H2splQGVGhHpxjb3sdBFrBKIQ=.sha256 micropub
cd micropub
npm install
npm run build

And navigate to the build folder, opening index.html in your browser.

Install sbot, and generate a lite client invite to use on your local.

sudo npm install -g scuttlebot
sbot server --allowPrivate
sbot invite.create --modern

You may need an invite from a pub on the network to see it, read the scuttlebot docs

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