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style's too opinionated for embedded viewer

Openev opened this issue on 5/31/2017, 4:06:43 PM

style's too opinionated for embedded viewer

I upgraded to the latest ssb-viewer on my website, and the render ended up being too opinionated from the style perspective. So I reverted to 58e51b98743793a144acbba06d639beb926b51db and I'm using that version. I think default ssb-viewer shouldn't have opinionated styles by default (but from experience, I know that's a hard argument to win). Anyway, here is how the current ssb-viewer looks on my site if I check out master:


This is how the embed looked before:


%MwsZC1P4Ni4EDnET5HrcRqUAQmLodlnrO5UqKb4ca3Q=.sha256 ev · 5/31/2017, 4:19:21 PM

I should mention that upgrading %sdash to the latest %ssb-viewer will break things too, as it depends on %ssb-viewer's embedded render.

%wA3Oido1pJ954M9eywewrcNgJrOQO1bfGiPxVjtWHdI=.sha256 cel · 5/31/2017, 5:28:42 PM

the js embed only includes /static/base.css, which is unchanged. the fancy styles are only included in the html pages. however, the tag structure (for both) has changed, and the basic styles have not been updated accordingly for that. sorry about that. it should be doable to update basic.css to make embedded render as before, while still allowing the fancy styles to build on it. also, the call-to-action links at the top and bottom should probably be removed in the embedded view.

%oF2Ydf7m+rZzKWcXGso1Yj7IoopqRMeDxD1odwzMbmA=.sha256 arj · 5/31/2017, 6:55:38 PM

Yeah. I'd say its a bit more modular now that the rendering has been split into a seperate file. Pull requests welcome :)

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