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Minbase is an unopinionated minimal base on which to build opinionated Secure Scuttlebutt clients.

Minbase is a fork of Patchbay@6.1.3, which was originally written by Dominic Tarr. In the beginning I wanted to find out just how minimal Patchbay could be, with the idea that 'minbay' would get merged into Master as a depject configuration, however that never happened so now it's a fork as Patchbay@7 and Minbase are now barely resemble each other. Minbase shares a lot of the original Patchbay@6 code, with minimal modifications.

Minbase clients


Clone minbase off Github or git-ssb

This works best with yarn, until Flume hits master.

git clone ssb://%+tyUthD1L689osLUj8LNLV4smRKpO7Wu07DB+LMd7TQ=.sha256 minbase # git clone
cd minbase
yarn start

You'll see a lite client invite, click that and it'll connect in your browser. Move your key into the client if you want to use your identity from .ssb/secret by clicking on the 'lock' icon in the minbase lite client.




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